On behalf of the Stavanger Region, Greater Stavanger is heavily involved in work internationally.  In addition to the region’s European Office, we also have a large global network.

Stavanger Region European Office

The Stavanger Region’s European Office is a collaboration between the public sector, education sector and the business community in Rogaland.

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Stavanger is member of the WECP (World Energy Cities Partnership) aimed at facilitating the collaboration and exchange of knowledge internationally.  The network is today made up of 19 energy cities worldwide. 

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Our region aims to ensure that the local food industry has a clear position in both the Norwegian and European food markets for quality food and diverse products.  The industry is strong and of great national importance.

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European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP AHA)

This is a communication platform and information hub for all those involved in active and healthy aging throughout Europe.

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European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP SCC)

The network is designed around the priority areas as defined within the strategic implementation plan.

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CORAL is a European network of regions that work together around active and healthy aging.  Through a process of open innovation to overcome the barriers to implementing the AAL and AHA solutions and services.  CORAL focuses on ‘regional policies for active and healthy aging’ as well as ‘Ambient Assisted Living’.

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