The Stavanger Region has many important clusters and professional networks in a number of areas.


Norwegian Energy Solutions (NES)

Norwegian Energy Solutions (NES) has its roots in the oil sector in Rogaland, with 53 members.  Here you can find major industry players such as Equinor, Norwegian Shell, National Oilwell Varco, Aibel, Aker Solutions and many others.  NES aims to be a leading global energy cluster, by further developing and converting the oil and gas industry into a forward-looking industry, focused on sustainable energy solutions.  

Norwegian Offshore Wind

Norwegian Offshore Wind  is also from Rogaland, with 51 members.  Based on oil and gas technology, the companies work together to develop the offshore wind market. 


Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster

The Stavanger-based, Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation cluster aims to be the driving force behind the development of smarter cities and communities, to become the leading player in the Nordic Region by 2021.

Norwegian Smart Care Cluster

Norwegian Smart Care Cluster (NSCC) is a project with more than 115 companies and 45 municipalities/public organisations as participants.  The cluster originates in the Stavanger Region, though today, our members come from all over the country, as well as internationally.

Marine technology

Stiim Aqua Cluster

Stiim Aqua Cluster provides an environment for innovation for aquaculture related businesses in South-West Norway.  Technology-transfer is a key pillar for Stiim, and differs from other aquaculture clusters, by having an arena where other strong technology-fields from oil and gas, automation and electronics, robotics, advanced maritime mechanical engineering and IT, all work together closely with the established aquaculture industry to accelerate growth globally.

Aqua Technology

Aqua Technology is an industrial cluster that can deliver the entire suite of technology to the aquaculture sector.  The Stavanger area has some of the world’s leading technology companies in offshore and aquaculture.  Aqua Technology aims to transfer learnings from the oil and gas industry into the aquaculture arena.



The cluster Alloyance was founded in 2016 in order to take on larger projects including a wide range of areas within the mechanical industry in addition to automation. Its vision is to further develop a unique multidiscipline solution through a one stop concept from one united experienced source and be a preferred partner in larger projects requiring the highest mechanical competence.

Norwegian Tunnel Saftey Cluster

The Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster aims to contribute towards safer tunnels, with few accidents.  This is important for road-users, for fire and rescue personnel, for the wider transport industry and for communities as a whole. If we are able to achieve this, we must work together and learn from traditional industries and sectors.  We need new technology and new knowledge.  The cluster is working to develop an innovative and sustainable company that will bring new solutions for improved tunnel safety to the national and international markets.

Network for robotics and automation

The Network works to create synergies between companies in the Stavanger Region within robotics and automation.  The Network is currently working on a project to develop a lab in the region within this field.  


Media Cluster

The creation of Media City Bergen, where all of the key players in the media industry, including the media education department of UiB and others are gathered together under one roof, has inspired the Stavanger Region to think along the same lines.  An initiative has therefore been kicked-off to investigate potential co-location. In addition to a possible co-location, work has also started to establish a cluster network in the region.

New cluster or network?

Greater Stavanger is midwife for new clusters and networks in the Stavanger region. Feel free to contact us if you want to discuss excisting or new initiatives. 

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