Greater Stavanger has been commissioned by Telemark Research to prepare a new attractiveness-analysis for the Stavanger Region. The analysis will cover themes such as job growth, employment, population growth, housing construction, education, value creation, profitability and new business registrations.

The analysis has been created as a tool that makes it possible to look at the development of the region as a whole, as well as the development of individual municipalities across different time periods. This means that a large amount of relevant information is readily available to those partner municipalities in Greater Stavanger about their own areas.

For the Stavanger Region overall, the analysis revealed that while value creation and productivity in the business sector continued to fall in 2017, it did not fall as much as the previous 2 years.  Employment figures for 2018 are showing growth.  Despite this decline of recent years, the business community in the Stavanger Region still has higher productivity that the country-average.  Additionally, there have been a large number of businesses established in the region.

The growth outlook for the Stavanger Region over the coming years is a positive one.  The region still benefits from a young population and a large and diverse business community.  If the region can also crack the code to become an attractive place to live, there will likely be strong growth in the region, with the potential to reach over 500,000 inhabitants by 2040.

Read the analysis here.

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