What is Greater Stavanger?

Greater Stavanger is a project-based organization. We contribute to the project management of several projects, and additionally also take on roles, such as coordinator, initiator or project management. Our job is to identify opportunities and to work towards concrete results.

Our efforts are anchored in our Strategic Business Plan, so that we are geared to meet the region's, the industry's and the public authorities' wishes and needs.

You can read project summaries here, or alternately, download complete project documents and reports.

Our projects are based on our Action Plan, which again, rests on the key themes of the Strategic Business Plan for the Stavanger region.

Attractiveness and Sustainability

For Greater Stavanger, working to develop the attractiveness of the region for business operators has always been central/. We have a number of projects in this area and we will intensify our efforts to market the region through the project, Invest in Stavanger Region.

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Digitalization is a global trend, which has both significant opportunities and threats to business development and employment.  This has major consequences for both existing and new industries.  Global development is so powerful, and it happens so quickly, that the region much ensure that the business community can take part in this development in a positive way.

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For the Stavanger Region, it is important that the local ecosystem for innovation is developed positively and consistently so that it can act as a basic platform for innovation in research, industry, the public sector. It should also stimulate growth in entrepreneurship and start-ups, as well as supporting the upscaling of businesses with growth potential.

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Access to venture capital is a prerequisite for being able to stimulate growth and broaden the business community in the region.   Unfortunately, despite there being good access to capital, in reality, there is little to no access to venture capital funds in areas other than oil and gas.

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Cluster development and diversification

Greater Stavanger is working to maintain and grow existing business clusters, whilst also helping to develop business opportunities in various new sectors.  In this regard, we place our focus on global trends and international market-potential.  Greater Stavanger will take leading roles in some development areas and supportive roles in other initiatives.

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The expertise of the population is the region’s most important resource and is the basis for welfare, growth, value creation and sustainability.  Greater Stavanger recognises the importance of a strong UiS and strong professional and research landscape for the region’s business development.  Consequently, it has established an approach that involves extensive project collaboration with education as well as the business and public sectors.  As part of both the strategic business plan and Greater Stavanger’s wider projects, it is very important for us to continue the cooperation with these three areas.

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