Greater Stavanger is concerned with turning words into action.  The strategic business plan is the plan for the entire region, and we want that involvement to be broad to ensure it translates in to the best possible efforts to implement the plan.  The region’s transformation agenda must stay up-to-date so that we can ensure long-term competitiveness and value creation for the region.

As part of this, we have established an advisory board of approximately 10 people to follow-up and implement the Strategic Business Plan.  In addition, 5 business-oriented working groups will continue their work, as illustrated in the below image.

The advisory board consists of the leaders of working groups concerned with Expertise, Innovation, Attractiveness, Infrastructure, Internationalisation, Public Sector, Tourism and the 5 business-oriented working groups.


  • To have the key focus of monitoring and driving the strategic initiatives and measures in the Strategic Business Plan.  This includes regional development, which is based on a set of value-creation KPIs that are being prepared
  • Act as a driving force for the implementation of these strategic initiatives 
  • Focus on identifying any potential obstacles to the implementation of the strategic initiatives
  • Where necessary, adjust the measures within the respective strategic initiatives 


Ragnar Tveterås, UiS
Anne Iren Selnes, UiS
Bodil Sivertsen, Sandnes municipality
Harald Minge, Stavanger Region Business Association 
Elisabeth Saupstad, Region Stavanger
Kyrre Knudsen, SpareBank 1 SR-Bank
Olav Røysland, Self-employed
Leif Johan Sevland, ONS
Steinar Madsen, previously Risavika Havn
Ragnhild Espeland, Innovation Norway

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