The Stavanger region

The Stavanger region is the third largest city region in Norway. Approximately 300,000 people live, work and study here.

Greater Stavanger consists of 15 municipalities constituting a joint work, residential and service markets. The population of the Stavanger region increased by 41 000 people from 2000 to 2010. This large increase comes from the fact that people enjoy living here in the region, and also because the Stavanger region have exciting jobs.


In 2005, the Stavanger region gained the distinction of becoming Norway's most successful economic region. The region has held this position ever since.
Business enterprises are characterised not only by rapid growth but also by their greater profitability.
Stavanger is well known for its large oil and gas sector, which supports Norway's current status as the world’s third largest oil exporter.
The city`s success in the competitive global market place is perhaps its most distinguishing attribute. The business community has a well-honed sensitivity to global economic fluctuations and has proven to be highly adaptable.

Energy Capital

The majority of Norwegian operating companies are established with their headquarters in the Stavanger region. The same apply to the international operating companies with Norwegian offices. Meanwhile, nearly 40 percent of all Norwegian oil service companies are based in Rogaland, and we are rightly called the nation's energy capital.
The Norwegian energy sector is internationally recognized when it comes to health, environment, safety and security, and there are many exciting and varied jobs within the oil industry.

Culture Capital

In 2008, Stavanger was the European Capital of Culture. Over the course of the year, more than 1100 cultural events took place within and outside Stavanger. We still place a large emphasis on culture in the region, and we are working towards solidifying our position as a European cultural region.
We are also working towards building a new cultural centre in Stavanger. In addition, the new building housing the culture school for children will soon be ready.


The city of Stavanger is located on a peninsula on the south-western coast of Norway. The climate is mild and rather windy. The summers are pleasant and the agricultural lowlands in and around the city enjoy the longest growing season in Norway.

The Best Region in the World

According to the United Nations Standard of Living survey, Norway is the world's best country to live in. Other studies show that the Stavanger region is Norway’s best.
Could the Stavanger-region be the best region in the world?